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Virtual panel on Feb 7, 2023: Bridging the Healthcare Inclusivity Gap

Healthcare is a human right; yet there are 46 million Americans unable to access the high-quality care they need. Product leaders and technologists need to ensure that the virtual care services they’re designing and developing are inclusive. Inclusivity drives better patient outcomes, increased sales, and stickier customer loyalty and brand awareness with under-engaged demographics.

Come join leaders at pioneering healthcare companies as they share hard-won principles and lessons on building and growing inclusive virtual care services that put patients first.

This Week’s Highlights

“Ask just about anyone who has been pregnant or is considering giving birth in the U.S., and it’s clear that when it comes to maternity care, the status quo isn’t serving anyone.” Oula Co-founder & CEO Adrianne Nickerson

Oula Health adds $19.1M in Series A funding to advance its full-service maternity care model.

Posterity Health raises $7.5M to invest in further development and growth of its male fertility platform.

Indian hormonal health startup Salad raises $270K in pre-seed funding led by Antler India.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams commits to making New York City of Women’s Health.

Oma Fertility announces its new “Shared Egg Freezing Program”.

Mindbloompartners with This is Jane Project to offer affordable at-home ketamine therapy to women and non-binary survivors or trauma.

Breastfeeding and parenting app LatchAid rebrands as Anya.

Apricitylaunches its virtual fertility clinic model in Spain.

Rif CareThe LO & xHood join the first cohort of Techstars Impact powered by Cox Enterprises.

Willowlaunches a new breast pump companion app for Apple Watch.

Selfapy‘s eating disorder courses are now reimbursed as prescription digital health products (DiGA) in Germany.

Roundup: Clinical trial updates from May HealthAOA Dx & Hera Biotech

Ask Me Anything… about Building Product!

With Lightmatter‘s Head of Product Stephanie Adams

Product is the top priority for pretty much every startup company, no matter what stage they are at. “Build a product users actually want” is common advice. Implementing it, however, can prove to be challenging (as many of you probably know.)

“Move fast and break things” simply isn’t good advice when it comes to a field like women’s health. So what’s the right way to build, launch, and scale? Let’s figure it out together!

Stephanie Adams is Head of Product at Lightmatter, a US-based agency that brands, designs, and develops software and digital products exclusively for companies in health. And over the next couple of days YOU have the chance to Ask Her Anything! 👇

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Who’s Hiring?

Oma Fertility is hiring a Director of Customer Success.

Capable Health is looking for an Account Manager.

Posterity Health is looking for a Nurse Practicioner.

Oula Health is looking for a Obstetrician and Associate Medical Director.

Elektra Health is hiring a Head of Product.

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