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Mindbloom is a leader in ketamine therapy, offering a combination of science-backed medicine with clinician and guide support for people looking to improve their mental health and wellbeing. The compan yhas now announced the launch of a new partnership with This is Jane Project, a nonprofit organization that supports and builds community for women and non-binary survivors of trauma.

Through this partnership, This is Jane Project’s members will be able to access Mindbloom’s at-home ketamine therapy programs at a substantial discount. In addition to discounted treatment, Mindbloom is also providing education on ketamine therapy to members of the organization. The partnership came about after leaders in the organization went through Mindbloom’s program themselves, and wanted to increase access for members of their community.

“Ketamine therapy was a game changer for me. For years I felt like I had been on the verge of making the mental breakthrough I knew that I could. But it wasn’t until I tried Mindbloom’s program that I truly found the way,” said Mskindness B. Ramirez, This is Jane Project’s Executive Board President. “It was a pleasure to be guided by professionals and the tools provided were awesome. Sometimes I still go back into the app just to listen to the motivational talks, and I am quickly transported back to that safe space in my mind that Mindbloom’s program helped me to find.”

The partnership with This is Jane Project continues Mindbloom’s recent work of teaming up with other organizations to expand access to its mental health services. In December, Mindbloom announced a partnership with Kennedy Care, a leader in home care services across Michigan and Northern Ohio, to offer at-home ketamine therapy as an employee benefit.

These partnerships follow a study of Mindbloom’s client outcomes data—the largest-ever peer-reviewed clinical study of ketamine therapy—being published in the October edition of the Journal of Affective Disorders. The study, which was authored by psychiatrists and researchers from MAPS, the Cleveland Clinic, UCSF, NYU and Houston Methodist, shows that at-home ketamine therapy can be a safe, effective, and rapidly-acting treatment for anxiety and depression. Across a cohort of 1,247 clients, 89% of participants presenting with anxiety and/or depression showed an improvement in their symptoms after just four sessions. In total, 63% of participants saw a greater than 50% improvement in their symptoms. These results are 34% stronger than what has been observed in studies of traditional antidepressants (such as SSRIs) and 54% stronger than results shown in studies of psychotherapy.

“Trauma led my mother and sister down the path of severe mental illness, and when the treatments that were available to them failed, we ended up losing both of them,” said Mindbloom Founder & CEO Dylan Beynon. “This is highly personal for me, and I’m incredibly proud that we’re partnering with This is Jane Project to increase access to the transformative and healing power of at-home ketamine therapy for survivors of trauma.”

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