Product is the top priority for pretty much every startup company, no matter what stage they are at. “Build a product users actually want” is common advice. Implementing it, however, can prove to be challenging (as many of you probably know.)

Early stage companies sometimes lose direction, and some never ship. At a later stage, product roadmaps tend to get complex, and it’s easy to move too fast, losing sight of users and their most pressing needs. No, building in healthcare indeed is no easy feat. The high stakes  – we’re dealing with people’s health after all – and regulation only add to the many challenges product leaders in our field tend to face. 

“Move fast and break things” simply isn’t good advice when it comes to a field like women’s health. So what’s the right way to build, launch, and scale? Let’s figure it out together!

To help product leaders answer some of their most pressing questions, we are excited today to announce another AMA (Ask me anything) Session! This time we are joined by Stephanie Adams, Head of Product at Lightmatter.

Stephanie Adams is Head of Product at Lightmatter.

Meet Lightmatter and Stephanie Adams!

Lightmatter is a US-based agency that brands, designs, and develops software and digital products exclusively for companies in health. Drawing from years of experience building in the space, Lightmatter’s team helps companies navigate the challenges they’ll inevitably encounter on the road to shipping the product their target users actually need. Lightmatter has worked with femtech leaders like Cofertility or Upliv to build, launch, and scale their software applications.

As the Head of Product at Lightmatter, Stephanie Adams is responsible for the success of new client engagements. With more than 8 years of experience on design and development teams, she is passionate about helping the agency’s clients identify and execute the right solutions for long term business success. With a strong background in managing horizontal product teams, she ensures all projects benefit from the effective collaboration between multiple teams and stakeholders. Prior to joining Lightmatter, Stephanie worked at Google on the Content & Community and Image Search teams. She holds a B.F.A. from Ringling College of Art and Design.

Got questions?

You have questions? The good news: If they’re product related, Stephanie Adams probably has an answer for you! Wondering how detailed the product roadmap of an early stage company should be? What strategies there are to encourage user retention? Or how to evaluate build vs. buy decisions? Something else on your mind? Ask Stephanie!

Got a product-related question? Use this form to submit it or comment under the respective posts on Twitter, or LinkedIn. You have until Jan 25, 2023 to participate in this AMA! 

We will share all questions, and Stephanie’s answers publicly in a follow-up post here on Femtech Insider. You have the option to ask your question anonymously.

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