Posterity Health, a virtual clinic and platform dedicated to male fertility has raised $7.5M led by Distributed Ventures. Other participants in the round include FCA Venture Partners and WVV Capital. The company plans to use the fresh funds to invest in further development of its digital health platform, and to scale throughout the US.

“This funding allows us to move one step closer to achieving our mission to provide access to male fertility care for every couple trying to conceive,” shares Pam Pure, CEO of Posterity Health. “Male fertility specialists are scarce resources with approximately 200 fellowship trained physicians in the country. In addition, males prefer evaluation and treatment from home. The expanded Posterity Health network will double the number of reproductive urologists using the platform and provide easy access to in-person care when required.”

Posterity Health’s digital Health Platform includes virtual visits, at-home diagnostics, and in-person consultations to help assess and improve the male patients’ fertility status. Services include baseline assessments, sperm preservation, semen analysis, pregnancy loss consults, diagnostic workups, vasectomy reversals and gender affirming care.

Shawn Ellis, Managing Partner at Distributed Ventures, adds: “There is an increasing demand for the services and expertise that are unique to Posterity Health, making Distributed Ventures’ funding a crucial component of our goal to provide support for nascent healthtech companies. We’re proud to support Posterity Health’s mission to make male fertility care more accessible while ending the stigma surrounding it at an imperative time when these services are in high demand. By leading an investment in Posterity Health, we are investing in the digital transformation technologies that are crucial for increasing access to innovative and comprehensive healthcare.”

“It’s been a pivotal next step for fertility benefits coverage to cover the costs of male care and encourage the male evaluation. Posterity Health’s distinctive model makes it possible for couples across the country to have access to Reproductive Urologists who have been specialty trained to identify and treat male fertility,” said Tom Hearn, Partner, FCA Venture Partners. “The integrated care, as well as OBGYN support that Posterity Health provides, furthers the early and simultaneous evaluation of both partners when a couple is having trouble conceiving. The Posterity Health offering will help each couple find their best path to pregnancy.”

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