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“Women 65+ face unique health and social challenges as they age, and for far too long, their concerns, needs, and desires have been ignored. That’s why we are designing Herself Health to be the value-based solution to improve outcomes and help women find joy, purpose, and better quality of life.” Herself Health CEO Kristen Helton

This Week’s Highlights

Herself Health raises $26M in Series A funding to reinvent healthcare for women 65+.

Incontinence care company Attn: Grace adds $2M to invest in growth.

Waverly Diagnostics adds $1.35M to enhance its digital diagnostics platform for childhood ear infections.

Sustainable period care brand &SISTERS acquires Mooncup in a bid to combat single-use plastic.

Big Health acquires Limbix to address the adolescent mental health crisis.

Perrigo receives FDA approval for Opil, its over-the-counter oral contraceptive.

Center for Intimacy Justice and US Senators call on the FTC to investigate Meta’s rejection of women’s sexual health ads.

Google teams up with Cypriot femtech startup Soula to advance pregnancy care. 

VICHY Laboratories and Embr Labs partner to bring clinically proven care to women in menopause.

In the Know

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