Google has partnered with Soula, a Cyprus-based femtech startup, to enhance the support services available for pregnancy and parenting. This collaboration centers on Soula’s application of Google’s medical language model, Med-PaLM, to its AI-assistant. Med-PaLM is a highly sophisticated language model specifically designed to handle medical inquiries. By integrating this technology into its platform, Soula plans to offer comprehensive and reliable support to women in various stages of motherhood – from pre-pregnancy to pregnancy and throughout the postpartum period.

Soula’s AI-assistant provides a platform for information and support, capable of answering a broad array of questions on both health and lifestyle matters related to maternity. These could range from general pregnancy-related queries to more specific topics like tracking fetal movements. Importantly, the assistant will be able to provide continuous, 24/7 support – a crucial feature considering the unpredictability of pregnancy and early parenthood.

Natallia Miranchuk, CEO and Founder of Soula, commented: “Through Med-PaLM 2 and finetune by parenthood educators and certified doulas expertise, Soula aims to revolutionize AI-powered support for women before, during pregnancy, and postpartum, ensuring ethical and empathetic communication on sensitive matters and providing emotional comfort without compromising their physical health. The fact that Google has shown trust in Soula and its mission means that we are doing the right thing.”

Google’s support for Soula extends beyond simply providing access to its medical language model. Google Cloud has granted the startup $350K. These funds will be used to fine-tune Soula’s chatbot, enhancing its performance and enabling a more accurate and effective response to users’ queries.

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