Herself Health, a healthcare company dedicated to providing comprehensive primary care for women aged 65 and above, has raised $26M in Series A funding led by Michael Cline of Accretive. The latest round of investment comes just six months after the company raised $7M in seed funding.

Herself Health aims to revolutionize healthcare for older women by offering a holistic approach that considers their overall health and well-being. The funding will be used to expand clinic locations, enhance digital and in-person services, and recruit skilled healthcare professionals. The company conducted interviews with over 700 women aged 65+ that revealed the need for personalized care and highlighted the unique challenges faced by this demographic.

Women in this age group:

  • Frequently encounter doctors who do not listen to their concerns and fail to prioritize their unique needs.
  • Are four times more likely than men to be diagnosed with osteoporosis.
  • Are three times more likely than men to have autoimmune diseases such as arthritis.
  • Are Two times more likely than men to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.
  • Are 33% more likely to be misdiagnosed than men.
  • Are 43% less likely than men to receive a chronic heart disease diagnosis.
  • Are 34% less likely to receive cardiac medication.
  • Are 33% more likely to be misdiagnosed following a stroke

Herself Health’s comprehensive care model takes into account mobility, mental health, social and behavioral well-being, and the patient’s life journey. The company recently opened its first clinic in Minneapolis, plans to open two more clinics in the Minneapolis-St. Paul region and expand its virtual care options.

Herself Health CEO Kristen Helton commented: “Women 65+ face unique health and social challenges as they age, and for far too long, their concerns, needs, and desires have been ignored. That’s why we are designing Herself Health to be the value-based solution to improve outcomes and help women find joy, purpose, and better quality of life. Our fundamental goal is to elevate the patient experience and provide meaningful in-person and virtual support that provides women 65+ with a primary care experience designed specifically for them. In the few months since our launch, the incredible interest from patients clearly demonstrates that this model was desperately needed. This funding will allow us to expand our physical footprint, grow our digital, in-person, and community offerings and continue to build a world-class team of providers and experts to serve this community in the manner they deserve.”

Accretive’s Michael Cline adds: “Herself Health is addressing a long-neglected segment of the population with thoughtful, differentiated primary care services,” “This approach has the potential to fundamentally change the way women 65+ across the United States experience health care and start a long overdue conversation about the unique health and wellness needs these women have. I could not be more thrilled to work alongside Herself Health, Kristen Helton, and the outstanding team bringing these services to the women who need them most.”

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