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 “For so many women, their intimate skin is an afterthought, only prioritised when there is a ‘problem’ and they’re forced to use outdated feminine hygiene products which have ‘what’s wrong with her?’ associations. My vision is to get rid of this ‘feminine hygiene’ category altogether. I created Luna Daily to give women a choice about how they care for their bodies – as we say, from head, vulva, knees and toes.” Katy Cottam, Founder and CEO of Luna Daily. Image: Luna Daily

This Week’s Highlights

UK-based intimate care brand Luna Daily raises a $3.7M seed round to fund its US expansion plans.

Mate adds $4.2M in Series A funding to make fertility care more accessible.

123 Baby Box adds $1.2M in pre-seed funding to finance further product development and growth.

Rita launches its AI-powered digital fertility assessment after raising $550K in funding.

Hinge Health announces advancements to its women’s pelvic health program.

Pharma company Bayer plans to scale back women’s health R&D.

LG partners with LifeNome to launch nine.moons, an end-to-end personalized maternal health platform.

Simplifed partners with Nature’s One; now offers both breastfeeding and baby formula support.

MATTER’s 51 Labs accelerator partners with Laerdal Million Lives Fund to support startups reducing maternal mortality.

Ember launches a new self-warming baby bottle system.

Femtech PulseStork Club adds doula program; MedArrive partners with OumaCigna now covers Leva

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