Luna Daily Founder & CEO Katy Cottam. Image: Lunda Daily

Created to give women a ‘choice’ and combining body care with the outdated ‘feminine hygiene’ category, Luna Daily is a “microbiome-balancing body care for all skin, even the most intimate, and is designed for women and people with vulvas across all life stages from puberty, through motherhood, to menopause”.

The UK-based company has now raised $3.7M in seed funding from Redrice, Joyance Partners, Velocity Juice and angel investors to fund its US market entry, which has just kicked off with its launch at leading beauty retailer Sephora. In the UK, Luna Daily has secured significant retail distribution to date and in January ‘23 launched onto and into Harrods Beauty as the first intimate care brand of its kind. The new funds will also help the company to drive new product development and to further its mission to eradicate shame and normalise the conversation around intimate care. 

As the brand’s own research shows that 43% of women feel their washing routines are causing them to have a gynae issue, the funding will also be used to establish a female intelligence platform, including educational resources and 24/7 live chat function with medical experts to improve education around intimate care.

Katy Cottam, founder and CEO of Luna Daily said: “For so many women, their intimate skin is an afterthought, only prioritised when there is a ‘problem’ and they’re forced to use outdated feminine hygiene products which have ‘what’s wrong with her?’ associations. My vision is to get rid of this ‘feminine hygiene’ category altogether. I created Luna Daily to give women a choice about how they care for their bodies – as we say, from head, vulva, knees and toes.”

She continues: “We’re proud to be leading the next evolution in the female wellness category and Sephora is the perfect retail partner, boldly championing this category and celebrating innovations from emerging brands like ours. It’s a huge milestone for a UK startup to be the first ever UK brand of our kind to launch in Sephora, helping to grow this category and educate their clients.”

Cindy Deily, VP Skincare Merchandising at Sephora said: “Sephora is thrilled to partner with Luna Daily and continue bringing our clients best-in-class products that support all their beauty and wellness needs. With its inclusive approach and effective, clean formulations, Luna Daily offers products that support the unique needs of women at all stages of life and helps reinforce Sephora’s commitment to this important, growing category of intimate care. We look forward to introducing Luna Daily to our Sephora community and know it will be a wonderful addition to our assortment.” 

Claire Cherry, Investment Partner at Joyance said: “We invest in the future of health and happiness, and back businesses that delight and bring joy. Luna Daily fits perfectly within this ethos and meets a clear need in the feminine health market. We’ve done a lot of work across life stages, from motherhood to menopause and Luna Daily is filling a void by creating innovative, high quality products to meet the needs of all women. We are excited to support Katy and the team to change the narrative around feminine hygiene and embrace its health impact for current and future generations.”

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