In May 2022 Simplifed announced a $6M seed round to democratize access to breastfeeding services. The company has now expanded is offering and offers both breastfeeding and baby formula support, with on-demand, data-driven, judgment-free baby feeding experts. The company is partnering with Nature’s One, the makers of Baby’s Only Formulas. Through the partnership, SimpliFed will provide families in need with access to organic infant formula.

According to Simplifed, this partnership marks the first time in history that a lactation support company stands by its vision of ensuring every parent feels confident in how they feed their baby – no matter how they feed their baby during those first few weeks and months of life. The company’s research indicates that three out of four SimpliFed patients supplement their feeding journey at some point with a mix of expressed breast milk, donor milk, and/or infant formula.

Simplifed Founder and CEO Andrea Ippolito shares: “This partnership gives families choice. In a year where choices have been taken away from women and families, it is time to give them that choice back. We’ve earned a trusted relationship with parents and we continue supporting them as they breastfeed fully or transition to formula in combination or fully. That’s why, in partnership with Nature’s One, we are improving access to safe, affordable and trusted organic formula – to provide parents with an option for support no matter how you feed your baby.” 

Through the partnership, parents are able to go to the SimpliFed website and receive on-demand, insurance-covered guidance from certified baby feeding experts and may also secure Nature’s One, a trusted organic infant formula as either a single purchase, or subscription package. The formula will be priced comparatively to in-store offerings to allow for an accessible, affordable option. 

“Nature’s One takes great pride in the evidence-based approach from the ingredients, the facility, and the team that has spent years to ensure our infant formula is safe, nutritious, and accessible for families,” said Jay Highman, Founder and CEO of Nature’s One. “We think that organic infant formula should be priced ‘family-friendly’ so every family has access to the best formula for their child.”

Ippolito adds: “Infant formula is the most regulated food in the US – and that is a good thing! By law, the FDA confirms that no matter which formula parents use, it is safe and will allow your baby to grow and be healthy,” said Ippolito. “SimpliFed is providing transparency for families through its partnership with Nature’s One. Everyone should feel good about how they feed their baby, no matter how they do it.”

To date, the company has secured national contracts to serve TRICARE and Aetna commercial members and serves Medicaid members in several states. SimpliFed works with more than 50 employers through a partnership with Milk Stork and has partnered with health care systems, clinicians, and community-based organizations. 

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