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“Large employers have been asking for more Kindbody locations to serve their employees and now, together with Vios, we’re better able to meet this demand.” Kindbody Founder Gina Bartasi


Kindbody reaches unicorn status with the acquisition of fertility clinic network Vios Fertility Institute.

Visiting Scientists: Maven launches two new programs inviting clinician innovators to help advance the company’s care model.

Women’s Health medtech company Hologic launches its first consumer campaign featuring Mary J. Blige.

Femtech Investment Round-upJanuary 2022

UK-based Peppy inks a deal with Axa Health.

Breathe ilo, known for its breath-based fertility tracker, expands into menstrual health.

Elsevier releases the most advanced full 3D Model of Female Anatomy to address lack of representation.

Ferring introduces a new grant program to tackle gender, health and racial inequalities.

Sephora introduces a sexual wellness section with sex toys and more.

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Women’s Health is more than female anatomy and our reproductive system – It’s about unraveling centuries of inequities due to living in a patriarchal healthcare system. (HBS)

More workplaces cover fertility treatments (Axios)

Is building “for women” too controversial? (Diem)

New guidelines could change the way OB/GYNs talk to patients about birth control (Washington Post)

It’s time to rethink how you speak to young people about their bodies (Mashable)

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