Breathe Ilo’s new Co-CEOs Lisa Krapinger & Wernhard Berger. Image: Wirlphoto

Austrian Breathe ilo has been on our radar since 2019, when the company first took its breath-based fertility tracker to market in Europe. After two years the company is now expanding its product and offering to become a platform for holistic cycle health. Going forward the company plans to support women throughout their entire cycle, with a new standalone app that offers tracking, evidence-based content and courses, as well as supplements. Part of this new offering is available in German language as of today.

This change in strategic direction is also followed by organizational changes. Breathe ilo, to date a brand of Carbomed Medical Solutions, is spun out into an independent company and integrated into the Carbomed Holding. Current Breathe ilo CEO Bastian Rüther remains Managing Director of the holding company and is followed by Co-CEO team Lisa Krapinger, the Breathe ilo’s former Chief Marketing Officer and Wernhard Berger, who joins from McKinsey Digital.

Breathe ilo Co-CEO Lisa Krapinger explains the new strategy: “Women’s health technology, which addresses half the population, is an attractive market. We want to establish ourselves as a platform for cycle health. In addition to our cycle tracker we will offer supporting content in freemium and premium models. Essentially we want to help women lead a cycle-appropriate lifestyle.”

With the new offer in the market the company expects to double sales in its “home market”, the DACH region (Germany, Austria & Switzerland) this year and it also starting to prepare for regulatory approval and a U.S. launch. Breathe ilo has raised €7.3M since its founding in 2014 and is planning to fundraise again in 2022.

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