Femtech Investors, Angels & Funds

Are you a femtech founder looking for investment? You’re in the right place!

While we are actively working on educating the investment community beyond those with an expressed interest in femtech and digital health about investment opportunities in the women’s health space, the funds and individuals mentioned below have previously invested in femtech companies.

The list below is by far not complete, but it’s a place to start. Know someone we should add? Let us know!

If you are currently looking for investment check out our Feature Funder Series, where we profile investors actively looking for opportunities in the femtech space.

Femtech Funds

FundLocationDescriptionFemtech Portfolio
Rhia VenturesUnited States“We’re a women-led social investment company who use our skills as investors and voices as advocates to create sustainable change in Women’s Reproductive Health. Because when women are empowered, given choice, and access, the impact benefits their families, communities, and the entire economy.”Bloomlife, OUI by Cirqle, NURX, YourChoice Therapeutics, Ovia Health
Avestria VenturesUnited States“We believe experience and passion build on each other. Together, they enable one to see solutions others might miss. That’s why we invest in women’s health and life science; it’s what we know best.”Madorra, Raydiant Oximetry, Alydia Health, Uqora
Steelsky VenturesUnited States“SteelSky Ventures is an early stage venture fund investing in high growth companies that  significantly improve access, care and outcomes in women’s health.”Joylux, Mahmee
Portfolia Femtech FundUnited States“The Portfolia FemTech Fund™ focuses on emerging technologies, products and services improving women’s health and wellness throughout their lives. From fertility solutions to menopausal care and overall fitness, the fund will invest in high-potential opportunities that can be both profitable and grant women greater health and wellness.”Future Family, Madorra
Astarte VenturesUnited StatesAstarte Ventures is the first venture fund dedicated exclusively to the health and wellbeing of women and children, with a primary focus on early intervention and prevention measures. Our investment strategy has a clearly defined core – women ages 25 to 65 with discretionary income – they are the influencers or customers of health-related decisions and care.Alydia Health, Madorra, Maven Clinic, Materna
Laerdal Million Lives FundUnited States“Laerdal Global Health is a not-for-profit company dedicated to helping save lives of mothers and newborns.”
“The Laerdal Million Lives Fund is committed to investing in, partnering with and supporting entrepreneurs who are developing and deploying new emerging technologies capable of saving lives across the globe.”
The Case for HerSwedenThe Case for Her is a philanthropic investment portfolio addressing the key women’s health issues of menstruation and female sexual health through grants, investments, convenings, and advocacy.  Founded in 2017, The Case for Her brings together over 30 years of experience working and investing in women’s health and rights. This dynamic and flexible portfolio spans the globe and includes investments in product companies, tech innovations, research initiatives, and grassroots organizations.Clue, Sustain, Unbound, Kasha, Oky, Aquafit

Business Angels and Investors

Angel / GroupLocationProfileFemtech Portfolio
Anke Huiskes & Kristiina Kansen, Aletta AngelsUnited States“We’re an Angel Investment Collective, that invests in world-class companies led by women.
Our expertise is in women’s health, advertising, media platforms and consumer technology. However, our investments are not limited to these areas. We invest in people. If we believe in you and your mission–and you believe in us–we should do business.”
Willow, Future Family, Safe Health
Pocket Sun & Elizabeth Galbut, SoGal VenturesUnited States & Asia“As the 1st female-led millennial venture capital firm
SoGal Ventures represents how far our generation has come, and how deep our impact on the world can be.
We believe in the power of diversity, borderless business, and human-centric design.
We invest in early stage diverse founding teams in the U.S. and Asia, and aim to be the strongest ally for our portfolio companies.”
Unbound, Everlywell
Jesse Draper, Halogen VenturesUnited StatesHalogen Ventures is a Los Angeles, California based Venture Capital fund focused on investing in early stage consumer technology startups with a female in the founding team.L., Naya Health
Angela Tran, Version OneUnited States“If you’re involved in developing at-home diagnostics, advancing fertility technology or making treatments more affordable and accessible, please reach out!”
Sri Muthu & Donna Lecky, HealthVentureUnited States“Established in 2016, HealthVenture is a global foundry innovation center of excellence and an investment fund that supports and scales an elite cohort of early and seed-stage digital healthcare entrepreneurs whose goal is to transform digital health.”Total Mama
Halle Tecco & Jeff Hammerbacher, TechammerUnited States“We’re active angel investors supporting founders working on meaningful problems. We invest in data science, digital health, and companies that make science go faster. We get especially excited by companies bettering the lives of everyday Americans.”Kindbody, Milkstork, Everlywell
Jenny Abramson, Rethink ImpactUnited States“We are a venture capital firm investing in female leaders using technology to solve the world’s biggest problems. We believe that the next generation of extraordinary companies will find success through their relentless pursuit of mission, for the benefit of all communities.”Unifvy, Winnie
fermataJapan“fermata is a community and start-up support ecosystem aimed to
accelerate the access to knowledge and technologies developed for diversifying and liberating women’s
wellness and sexual-wellbeing.”