Recently we’ve been receiving an increasing number of requests for introductory sessions about femtech and opportunities in the women’s health market overall. We’re excited, that interest in this industry is picking up and are excited to support you and your organization as you learn more about this sector. We offer:

  • Strategy Session: Femtech 101 – An Introduction
  • Strategy Session: Trends and Opportunities in the Global Women’s health Market
  • Startup Scouting: Our Research Service for Investors and Corporates

If you would like to book one of these services, have questions or would like to request a custom offer, please get in touch and we will get back to you asap.

Strategy Sessions

We offer the following strategy sessions as online webinars. Goal is to help you understand the women’s health market, femtech ecosystem, trends and opportunities.

These sessions are delivered by Kathrin Folkendt, the founder of Femtech Insider and better.

Femtech 101: An Introduction (1h + Q&A) – $199


In this 1h workshop we will give you an overview of femtech and the global women’s health market. We will introduce you to startups and organizations in this space and give you an overview of trends and opportunities.

What You’ll Learn:

After this session you will

  • Have a better understanding the of femtech and the women’s health innovation ecosystem (companies, organizations, research, VC)
  • Have a better understanding of the global women’s health market and the ability to identify and evaluate trends and opportunities
  • Know where to go for further information

Trends and Opportunities in the Global Women’s Health Market (1.5h + Q&A) –  $349


The goal of this workshop is to give you an overview of women’s health, the market and trends. Which opportunities are untapped? Where is the market going? Where are the gaps? We’ll share our insights and help you make better decisions about where to invest or what trends to watch.

What You’ll Learn:

After this session you will

  • Have a better understanding of women’s health and use an analytical framework to evaluate solutions based on social impact, market size and market maturity
  • Understand which overall technology, market and societal trends affect the global women’s health business opportunity
  • Know who the market leaders are and know which companies to watch

Startup Scouting

Every week we get contacted by startups seeking advice or press coverage. We talk femtech all day every day and have our eyes and ears everywhere in the global women’s health innovation sector

With our Startup Scouting Service, we provide investors, corporates and product innovation studios a custom research service. We source startups according to your preferred location, stage, business model or sector. The result is an exclusive research report tailored to your requirements. 

We use various sources, but what differentiates us is our big network, that allows us early access to information about startups. In addition, we are in close contact with industry experts from across the globe.

We can provide full confidentiality, which means that your company name won’t be shared with our experts and startups during the sourcing process. We also guarantee, that reports are prepared exclusively for you and will never be shared with other people or organizations.

The price of this service depends on the depth of the research required. Please get in touch to discuss your needs with us. We are happy to provide you with a custom offer.