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“We are on a mission to provide hospitals with shelf-stabilized and condensed human milk that is easy to store and reconstitute, so nurses can devote their skills to important and critical infant care.” Dr. Vansh Langer, BBy CEO


New York-based BBy raises $3M in seed funding to reinvent breast milk management in hospitals.

Mate Fertility closes a $5.2M Series A to make fertility care more accessible.

Rosy Wellness secures $1.2M to further democratize women’s sexual health.

Berlin-based intimate care startup Dr. Vivien Karl raises €1.5M 

Singaporean telehealth platform ORA adds $10M in Series A funding.

Amsterdam-based sextech startup Quinky secures €100K from Antler.

Singapore-based cycle care startup Blood raises $1.5M in Series A funding.

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