Rosy Wellness Founder Dr. Lyndsey Harper. Image: Rosy Wellness

Rosy Wellness, a startup focusing on women’s sexual health, recently announced securing $1.2M in a bridge funding round, bringing its total funding to $4.2 million. The company aims to fill the gap in resources and treatments available for the 43% of women who suffer from sexual health problems, according to its CEO, Dr. Lyndsey Harper.

Founded in 2018, Rosy Wellness has already made a significant impact on women’s healthcare. Leveraging technology, the company has developed a freemium app offering personalized solutions for women’s sexual wellness. The app’s inclusive approach and mission have led it to become home to the nation’s largest network of healthcare professionals specializing in women’s sexual health. As of February, more than 8% of OBGYNs across the U.S. are referring patients to the platform, which currently serves over 150,000 women.

The recent $1.2 million raise is part of a $1.5 million bridge funding round. Previous seed rounds were led by Austin-based True Wealth Ventures. Despite the challenging environment for startups and investors, Rosy Wellness adopted investor-friendly terms, resulting in substantial buy-in from existing and new investors. This strategy expedited the fundraising process and enabled the company to refocus efforts on growth and revenue acceleration.

With this new injection of funds, Rosy Wellness plans to extend its reach into other areas of women’s health and forge B2B partnerships. “Rosy has redefined the landscape of women’s sexual health. We’re now expanding into B2B partnerships that will allow us to take this mission even further,” stated Dr. Harper.

The startup also anticipates a pivotal role for AI and machine learning in its future. Rosy Wellness’ comprehensive dataset on women’s sexual health could be instrumental in creating more personalized experiences for its members and partners. In addition, it opens up exciting opportunities in academic research in women’s health. “Rosy’s data set is likely the largest in the field of women’s sexual health and we will use the power of these solutions to create an even more robust experience for our members and partners beyond what we could have imagined a few years ago,” Harper explained.

Rosy Wellness’s success is underscored by several impressive milestones. The app has been downloaded over 270,000 times and is recommended by more than 5,300 healthcare providers in the U.S. and Canada. It was honored with a 2022 Webby Award for Best Aesthetic Design of an app and a UCSF Digital Health Award as a Rising Star in Consumer Wellness. Moreover, Cedars Sinai recognized Rosy as the only sexual health platform they would recommend to their patients.

The fresh funding will fuel Rosy’s expansion and continuous dedication to improving women’s sexual health. As Dr. Harper noted, “This strategy allowed us gather steam quickly and close this round faster than ever before which allows me to get back to the business of growing the company and our revenues faster.” The women’s sexual health landscape is poised for further transformation, thanks to innovative startups like Rosy Wellness.

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