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“The lack of historical investment in these industries (less than 0.5%) has stunted the innovation needed to address women’s health and sexual health issues. Our goal is to back innovative startups that are filling major market gaps and improving the health and wellbeing of people around the world.” Amboy Street Ventures Founding Partner Carli Sapir. Image: Max Rainoldi

This Week’s Highlights

Amboy Street Ventures closes its $20M debut fund dedicated to women’s health and sexual wellness.

Indian DTC startup Gynoveda raises $10M in Series A funding for its Ayurveda-based women’s health treatments.

Iron Health launches with $4.5M in seed funding to support OB/GYNs and close gaps in women’s health.

Biotech startup theblood raises close to €1M in pre-seed funding for its menstrual blood testing solution and biomarker research.

Berlin-based menstrual health startup HERMONE launches with €1M in pre-seed funding.

Melinda Gates’ Pivotal Ventures invests in women’s health scale-up Tia.

Sumitovant Biopharma acquires women’s health pharma company Myovant Sciences for $1.7B.

Visby‘s second generation point-of-care STI test receives FDA clearance.

Google Health AI announces new women’s health partnerships.

Celmatix and global collaborators release findings from the to date largest genetic study on endometriosis.

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