Hermone Co-founders Lucia Vilsecker and Philippa Zorn. Image: Martina Trepczyk

HERMONE, a Berlin-based femtech start-up, has launched the its cycle tracking app after raising €1M in pre-seed funding from angel investors. The app provides easily accessible knowledge about the four phases of the cycle, as well as the hormones that are primarily involved. HERMONE was founded by Lucia Vilsecker and Philippa Zorn in 2021.

More than 90 percent of all women experience a variety of recurring symptoms during their cycle. Among the most common symptoms are mood swings, nausea, skin irritations, headaches, and abdominal pain. HERMONE is hoping to address lack of knowledge and access to solutions for many of these issues with its new app. Features include easy access to eveidence-based content, cycle tracking, and ways for users to record symptoms and add their daily observations.

“With HERMONE, we finally give women the opportunity to take control of their health and well-being,” explains Co-founder Lucia Vilsecker. “We help our users gain much needed body and emotional literacy. Understanding how the female body functions empowers women to make conscious decisions and to stand up for their needs.”

HERMONE Co-founder Philippa Zorn adds: “The unequal treatment of women, both generally and in the healthcare sector, has far-reaching consequences not only for those affected. A lack of knowledge about the female cycle also has societal and economic implications, such as a productivity loss of up to ten days per year. The responsibility for solving the problem cannot be solely placed on women. The cycle must be accepted as an essential part of female health and integrated into our personal and professional lives.”

The HERMONE app is available for free in all app stores in the DACH region for the next 12 months.

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