theblood Co-founders Dr. Lucas Mittelmeier, Isabelle Guenou and Miriam Santer. Image: theblood

Berlin-based startup theblood has raised close to €1M in pre-seed funding to advance research on menstrual blood analysis and biomarkers as well as the development of a non-invasive blood at-home test that helps menstruators monitor their health. The round was led by RoX Health with participation from Leanox VC and several business angels including HealthHero and Fernarzt Founder Felix Kaiser, Prof. Dr. Christian Wallwiener, and healthtech investor Dr. Fiona Pathiraja.

theblood helps anyone menstruating to regularly test their menstrual blood and gain a better understanding of their cycle, health, and blood. Tests are offered as a subscription service, and the test results presented in an app. theblood was founded in Berlin in 2022 by Isabelle Guenou and Miriam Santer. Dr. Lucas Mittelmeier joined the team as technical co-founder earlier this year.

Early research indicates that menstrual blood could be a great biomarker to support ongoing health tracking and diagnostics. Collection is non-invasive – in theblood’s case menstrual blood is collected via menstrual cup – and early evidence suggests that menstrual blood may be used to monitor or diagnose a number of conditions like diabetes, reproductive health, endometriosis, thyroid health, inflammation, or cervical cancer.

theblood Co-founder Isabelle Guenou shares: “Patients like us with specific needs, are revolutionizing the healthcare system as they are no longer satisfied with the status quo. Women’s health research and care have been deprioritized for far too long. This needs to change. Of course it takes time for a large system – especially one with as many male decision makers as healthcare – to evolve, but we have momentum now and I couldn’t be more excited to be contributing to this change with the work we do at theblood.”

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