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  • Highlights: All Eyes on Ovarian Biology, Maternal Health on the Rise & Reinventing the Dental Dam
  • Spotlight: What is Preeclampsia?
  • ✨ Startup Spotlight:Cycla, Vivelle & Rythm #superearlystage
  • And more!

Headlines: Here’s what got us talking last week!

➡️ All Eyes on Ovarian Biology

At the beginning of the year we went viral with our prediction that 2022 could very well be the year ovarian health makes significant progress and headlines. And so far we haven’t been disappointed. Just last week biotech company Celmatix reached a key preclinical milestone in its premature menopause revention drug program, while biotech startup & Cambrian portfolio company Oviva raised its $11.5M seed round.

Why are we excited about this field? Celmatix, Oviva and others are developing therapeutics, with the potential to postpone menopause, address infertility and solve for chronic conditions such as PCOS or endometriosis by leveraging ovarian biology in different ways. So their success could truly be a gamechanger for women’s health.

If you’d like to learn more, check out our piece on Ovarian Biology from January!

➡️ Maternal Health: 📈

A few weeks ago we talked about “Maternal Health Mega Week” in this brief, when DelfinaZayaNoula & Wildflower Health all came out with funding announcements within less than a week. And the good news is: It wasn’t just a “lucky streak”.

Maternal health companies continue to attract fundingto bring much needed innovation to the space. Last week’s highlights included Cayaba Care raising a $12M Series A, Mahmee adding $9.2M in Series A funding, Pulsenmore inking a partnership with GE Healthcare (incl. up to $50M in funding) and biotech company Mirvie adding $60M for its RNA platform focused on early prediction of pregnancy complications.

➡️ Ever heard of a dental dam?

Well. You have now! Last week sexual wellness company Lorals made the news after receiving FDA clearance for STI protection for its latex briefs, that are to replace the outdated dental dam during oral intercourse. We spoke to founder Melanie Cristol back in January 2021, when she was just starting her “FDA journey” and are thrilled we got to share this milestone last week.

And what’s almost as exciting as the FDA clearance itself: The Lorals story made it into The New York Times! Huge win for destigmatization in our humble opinion!

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