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“When it comes to my recovery, my mother-in-law played a pivotal role. Her involvement and understanding were instrumental in helping me navigate those difficult moments. There were moments where I felt overwhelmed by guilt, but a visit from her would brighten even the darkest days. My experience highlights the importance of having a strong support system, and how cultural understanding can play a significant role in the recovery from postpartum depression.” Kimberly Jolasun, Villie Founder & CEO


Baby food brand Amara secures $20M in Series B funding.

Villie secures $700K in pre-seed funding to enhance support for expecting parents.

Menopause virtual clinic Midi Health and caregiver support platform Cleopartner to enhance support for women during the midlife hormonal transition.

Bayer‘s Elinzanetant shows promise in alleviating vasomotor symptoms associated with menopause.

HelloGina and The Pelvic Peoplepartner to advance pelvic health.

Cosm Medical receives FDA clearance for Gynethotics Pessaries, leading the way in personalized pelvic care.

Gynicacommences first-in-human clinical trial for novel IntraVag treatment for endometriosis.

President Biden‘s Executive Order aims to catalyse advancements in women’s health research.

Nottingham Trent University researchers develop bra-fitted breast cancer monitor.

New Ovia Health report highlights growing demand for family-friendly workplace benefits in the U.S.

Lisa Health study unveils workplace realities: Menopause’s impact on women’s careers.

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🔬 What does it really take to close the women’s health research gap?

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Our conversation will cover just about everything that keeps the women’s health ecosystem on its toes at the moment, including:

➡️ Closing gender and race research gaps in medical studies
➡️ The impact of personalized healthcare solutions on mental and physical well-being
➡️ Experiences of female founders in the health sector
➡️ Criteria for evaluating healthcare products and services
➡️ Addressing myths in women’s health: periods, birth control, sexual health, and vaginal care

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In the Know

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Bloomer Tech’s Alicia Chong Rodriguez: “Government funding can be a catalyst that enables bold ideas to meet the needs of women.” (Femtech Insider)

Menstrual fluid‘s underexplored medical treasures (Vox)

Self-care interventions for women’s health and wellbeing (Nature)

Whale menopause linked to longer lifespan (BBC)

Child health is in crisis in the UK – here’s what needs to change (The Atlantic)

The Colombian city sending men to school to learn how to care (CNN)

Scientists are finally studying women’s bodies. Here’s what they’re learning. (National Geographic)

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Boston IVF is hiring a Medical Assistant.

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