The Pelvic People’s Kiwi Device. Image: The Pelvic People

In the field of sexual wellness and pelvic health, discussions often revolve around physical treatments or mental health strategies in isolation. However, in a strategic move towards comprehensive care, The Pelvic People and HelloGina have teamed up to provide a holistic toolkit addressing both physical and mental aspects of pelvic pain.

The Pelvic People, formerly known as Ohnut, is committed to tackling pelvic health challenges. Founded by Emily Sauer, who experienced pelvic pain herself, the brand aims to support the 119 million women globally who suffer from painful intercourse. Emphasizing education and empowerment, The Pelvic People strives to equip individuals with the resources to reclaim their intimacy. With the introduction of their second device, Kiwi, The Pelvic People continues to make advancements in pelvic health solutions.

Kiwi, priced at $115 and launched in March, is a vibrating device designed to alleviate vaginal entry pain while prioritizing comfort and control. Developed with input from over 90 clinicians and researchers, Kiwi offers therapeutic vibration, mobility massage, birth preparation, and rehabilitation benefits. Its unique design, featuring shallow insertion and dual motors with distinct vibration frequencies, distinguishes it as an innovative solution.

HelloGina offers a practical method for addressing unwanted pain during sexual intercourse. Developed by experts in sexual and mental health, HelloGina combines cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) principles with dilator training and pelvic floor exercises. Clinical trials have demonstrated its effectiveness in reducing penetrative pain and anxiety in patients with conditions such as vaginismus.

The collaboration between The Pelvic People and HelloGina aims to bridge the gap between physical treatments and mental health support in pelvic health care. By integrating HelloGina’s guided program into The Pelvic People’s offerings, individuals gain access to a comprehensive toolkit addressing both the physical and psychological aspects of pelvic pain.

For $300, customers can access a programming package comprising nine units of interactive content and practical exercises, personalized coaching, and a dedicated app for mood tracking and goal setting. This approach recognizes the interconnected nature of mental and physical well-being in pelvic health.

The partnership between The Pelvic People and HelloGina signifies a commitment to empowering individuals and improving lives. By offering holistic solutions that address both physical symptoms and mental health challenges, this partnership aims to redefine standards of care in pelvic health. In a world where pelvic pain affects millions, The Pelvic People and HelloGina provide hope for a path towards pain-free intimacy and enhanced well-being.

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