Villie, an online platform founded in 2021 by Kimberly Jolasun, has recently announced a significant milestone with the successful completion of a $700K pre-seed funding round. This investment round saw participation from prominent investors including XRC Labs, TxO by a16z, and Fearless Fund.

The platform, conceptualized by Jolasun, aims to provide a supportive environment for expecting parents, facilitating connections and offering resources throughout the pregnancy journey and beyond. Villie’s core mission centers on empowering mothers and equipping their loved ones with tools to provide meaningful support.

Jolasun tells Parents that she herself also experienced postpartum depression and understands the importance of having family present during the early stages of motherhood. “When it comes to my recovery, my mother-in-law played a pivotal role. Her involvement and understanding were instrumental in helping me navigate those difficult moments. There were moments where I felt overwhelmed by guilt, but a visit from her would brighten even the darkest days. My experience highlights the importance of having a strong support system, and how cultural understanding can play a significant role in the recovery from postpartum depression.”

Postpartum depression, affecting approximately 10% of women after childbirth, is a significant concern. Villie serves as a digital community where expecting mothers can access practical advice, emotional support, and resources to navigate any postpartum challenges that may arise.

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