A recent report released by Ovia Health by Labcorp, titled “Future of Family Friendly 2024: Benefits That Matter,” offers insights into the preferences of U.S. workers regarding family-friendly workplace benefits.

“This report indicates we are witnessing a shift in what employees seek in terms of family-friendly benefits, and they’re willing to change employers to find them,” said Jenny Carillo, Ph.D., President of Ovia. “As a leader in addressing women’s and family health and fostering a family-friendly workplace, we published ‘The Future of Family Friendly’ report to provide employers with important insights into the evolving expectations of today’s contemporary workforce, and to empower decision-makers with data to inform their benefits strategies to better meet the needs of their employees.”

The report suggests that a significant portion of employees do not perceive their current employers as family-friendly. More than six in ten employees expressed this sentiment, indicating a growing dissatisfaction with existing benefits offerings. Additionally, nearly half of the respondents graded their current benefits as “C” or lower. Key among the desired benefits is longer paid parental leave, reflecting a broader trend in the workforce where employees prioritize work-life balance and family-related benefits. However, the report also highlights a demand for benefits that are often overlooked by employers, such as pregnancy loss leave and alternative family planning support. As approximately 1.3 million women enter menopause each year, the report emphasizes the need for better support during mid-life transitions. A significant majority of women experiencing menopause or perimenopause reported that their symptoms impact their ability to work. Yet, only a negligible percentage have access to menopause support at work, indicating a gap in workplace benefits.

In response to these findings, Labcorp OnDemand launched its Menopause Test in 2023, aimed at helping individuals understand hormonal factors related to menopause. Combined with Ovia Health by Labcorp’s Menopause Support Program, these initiatives offer resources and education to women navigating this life transition.

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