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“Egal means equal. We believe providing period products in the restroom is about gender equality. After all, periods are just another bodily function. Public bathrooms provide toilet paper, towels, soap, and tissues. Why not pads?” Tom Devlin, Egal Founder & CTO. Image: Egal

Cycle Care: Egal raises $1M for its ‘Pads on a Roll’.

UK-based virtual dermatology startup Skin + Me adds £10M in Series B funding.

New fund spearheaded by Reckitt mints NFT collection to accelerate Africa’s women-led startups tackling health challenges.

Consumer biotech company Tally Health launches a new platform aimed at extending longevity.

Joi launches in the US to help women manage their health holistically.

New research suggests endometriosis could be controlled with monthly injections.

New study by MyOme suggests cross-ancestry polygenic risk score improves breast cancer prediction.

Ovia Health enhances its digital platform by adding menopause tracking features.

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