Ovia Health, the digital health platform for women and families, has announced the expansion of its Ovia app to include menopause symptom tracking and resources to support women during menopause. Ovia’s application is available to consumers and through its enterprise offerings for employers and health plans.

The app provides educational content on symptoms, natural and medical treatment options, and tips on how a patient can best communicate with their physician. It also offers comprehensive tracking that allows users to identify, manage, and track menopause symptoms during critical life stages, with real-time alerts and personalized feedback. Psychosocial support and on-demand health coaching with tailored, human guidance are also available.

Dr. Leslie Saltzman, chief medical officer of Ovia Health, explains: “For far too long, women and the broader healthcare community have not openly discussed the topic of menopause or perimenopause, a transition in life that can create a significant impact in the lives of women. Women will be more empowered to have conversations with their healthcare providers in a way that helps them better understand and assess their healthcare needs.”

Ovia Health was acquired by Labcorp in 2021. Labcorp offers a full range of provider-ordered tests and consumer direct purchase tests to support women in their pursuit of health answers for themselves and their families.

With the addition of the menopause digital platform, Ovia serves as a full-spectrum resource, better able to support women’s unique healthcare needs through their existing health plans and employers’ benefits programs. Ovia Health has served more than 17 million family and parenthood journeys since 2012 and is on a mission to make a happy, healthy family possible for everyone. The company’s 50+ clinical programs, including predictive coaching and personalized care plans, help prevent unnecessary healthcare costs, improve health outcomes, and foster a family-friendly workplace that increases retention and return to work.

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