Many people struggle with skincare, from identifying the right products to finding affordable, quality solutions. This can have a negative impact on self-esteem and confidence. Skin + Me seeks to address this problem by offering a personalized, prescription-based approach to skincare.

Skin + Me is a UK-based startup that aims to revolutionize skincare by making medical-grade advice more accessible and boosting skin confidence. The company recently secured £10M in Series B funding led by Octopus Ventures. Skin + Me’s success is driven by increasing consumer awareness of prescription ingredients and a growing trend towards personalization in the skincare industry.

Horatio Cary, Co-Founder and CEO of Skin + Me tells EU Startups: “The global skincare industry is worth £140bn and more than 50% of consumers are dissatisfied because they want a product that works. We built Skin + Me to make medical skincare, proven to be far more effective than any cosmetic products through decades of clinical studies, accessible to everyone. Loyalty and customer love for our products followed because they deliver results.”

He continues: “We’ve seen consumer awareness for prescription-only ingredients such as tretinoin grow exponentially. We expect the £140bn global skincare spend to shift quickly towards prescription-strength ingredients and Skin + Me is ideally placed as the market leader in the UK to take advantage of this trend.”

Will Gibbs, Partner, Health, Octopus Ventures adds: “Octopus Ventures takes pride in backing companies that incite positive and actionable change. Increased awareness in prescription ingredients and a growing trend towards personalisation has transformed the skincare market. Skin + Me lead the charge with their accelerated growth reflecting a step change that’s seen hyper-educated consumers shun off-the-shelf products in favour of highly efficacious solutions. Across Series A and Series B funding, Octopus Ventures has invested a total of £13m to develop Skin + Me — deepening the relationship, and demonstrating their faith in the brand’s market-leading personalisation strategy.”

Skin + Me to plans to invest the new funds in growth. The company offers a suite of skincare services for women going through menopause.

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