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Vira Health acquires fellow UK-based menopause startup Alva.

WellTheory launches with $7.2M in seed funding and a goal to reverse the autoimmune epidemic.

VCs For Repro:100+ VC firms take a stand on reproductive rights ahead of the midterm elections in the U.S.

Sextech founder Glenise Kinard-Moore is awarded Second Place at this year’s Black Ambition Prize.

Mirvie‘s first ‘Future of Pregancy Health’ report reveals what new or expecting moms want from pregnancy care.

Intimate wellness brand Nessa Organics rebrands as Naydaya to go beyond being a postpartum care specialist.

Inception Fertility partners with Gameto, Oura, OTO & Alife Health on new research to advance reprodutive medicine.

Bayer receives a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to advance research in non-hormonal contraception.

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Webinar on Wed, Nov 30 at 2:00 PM ET: Turning up Growth in a Downturn 

It’s hard to be in the business of care delivery right now. Founders and operators responsible for member growth are struggling with high CAC, intense competition, and a bear market. Yet these businesses are the ones on the ground improving healthcare access, quality and outcomes for populations who truly need it. 

Come learn from healthcare leaders at Noula, Elemy and Ness who’ve been responsible for supercharging the growth of billion dollar care delivery companies on their hard-won lessons and advice to weather downturns and turn up growth. 

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Beauty industry must avoid ‘menowashing’, warn experts (Cosmetic Design Europe)

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Maven is looking for a Vice President, Clinical Innovation.

AIVF is hiring a Marketing Communications Manager.

Tiny Health is looking for a Full-Stack Software Engineer.

Vira Health is hiring a User Researcher.

wmnHealth is looking for a Senior Director of Application Development.

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