Mirvie is shaping the future of pregnancy health by providing women, expecting parents and their doctors with an early detection window to intervene before unexpected pregnancy complications become a crisis. One in five pregnancies is impacted by complications that lead to lifelong health consequences for expecting parents and babies. The proprietary company’s RNA platform uses a simple blood test to reveal vital information about a pregnancy’s unique biology and detect complications months before they occur.

Now in an attempt to help move the industry forward the company has released a new report, “The Future of Pregancy Health”, with actionable insights and the goal to improve pregnancy health in the United States. For the report Mirvie surveyed 1022 new or expecting moms in the United States, conducted by The Harris Poll. The results spotlight an urgent need to identify who is most at risk of complications and tailor education and preventive care toward them. The study also found new or expecting moms overwhelmingly believe knowing their risk of pregnancy complications can enable proactive, personalized and preventive pregnancy care.

“The Mirvie RNA platform can help pregnancy health enter a new preventive future by predicting complications like preeclampsia months before they occur,” said Maneesh Jain, Co-Founder and CEO of Mirvie. “By knowing who is at risk, you can begin to personalize care and target in-depth education to the moms who need it the most. This report shows there is still a major gap in education despite the best efforts of care providers and the best intentions of expecting moms.”

The report showed the most new or expecting moms are in the dark when it comes to understanding common complications like preeclampsia, a condition, that impacts up to 8% of pregnancies. Only 1 in 10 survey respondants were able to identify all of the common warning signs of preeclampsia correctly (10%), yet 75% report they have a good understanding of preeclampsia. 59%, report discussing their preeclampsia risk with their pregnancy care providers.

Unsurprisingly most expecting moms said they want to know their personal risk of complications and expect their pregancy care to be personalized based on it. 9 of 10 said they would want to take a predictive test – similar to the one Mirvie offers – early in pregnancy that lets them know their chances of developing problems like preeclampsia, even if it were not 100% accurate.

“It’s no surprise women expect a lot more innovation and personalization in their pregnancy care,” said Alison Cowan, M.D., M.S.C.R. and Head of Medical Affairs of Mirvie. “With the Mirvie RNA platform, we can soon bring life-changing advancements to pregnancy health. From targeted education, visit schedules, monitoring, medications, lifestyle changes and appropriate follow-up testing, pregnancy care will be transformed from one-size-fits-none to right-sized care for every mom. This new approach to pregnancy health is desperately needed to chart a new course for moms in the United States.”

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