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Kindbody raises $32M in Series B funding; UK-based Adia Health rebrands as Parla; Rethink Impact closes a $182M fund to invest in female-led tech companies; Chelsea Clinton is considering forming a VC firm and plans to invest in pregancy support startup Poppy Seed Health; Nikhil Krishnan from ‘Out of Pocket’ starts a scout fund for pre-seed/seed investing in healthcare startups; Techcrunch announces ‘The Techcrunch List’, a founder friendly directory of first check and lead VCs; All Raise announces the Visionary Voices Speakers Bureau; Women’s Health Startup Diem joins Techstars New York


Lots of VC news this week, right?! Exciting times! So how bout we mix it up a little today and talk about a couple of our favorite funds, whose focus is on women’s health innovation in this week’s spotlight section!

Rhia Ventures: “We a women-led social investment company who use our skills as investors and voices as advocates to create sustainable change in Women’s Reproductive Health. Because when women are empowered, given choice, and access, the impact benefits their families, communities, and the entire economy.”

Avestria Ventures: “We believe experience and passion build on each other. Together, they enable one to see solutions others might miss. That’s why we invest in women’s health and life science; it’s what we know best.”

SteelSky Ventures: “SteelSky Ventures is an early stage venture fund investing in high growth companies that  significantly improve access, care and outcomes in women’s health.”

Portfolia FemTech Fund: “We focus on emerging technologies, products and services improving women’s health and wellness throughout their lives. From fertility solutions to menopausal care and overall fitness, the fund will invest in high-potential opportunities that can be both profitable and grant women greater health and wellness.”

Astarte Ventures: “Our venture fund is dedicated exclusively to the health and wellbeing of women and children, with a primary focus on early intervention and prevention measures. Our investment strategy has a clearly defined core – women ages 25 to 65 with discretionary income – they are the influencers or customers of health-related decisions and care.

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In the Know

Checking in with Dr. Lyndsey Harper, Founder & CEO of Rosy: A Conversation about Sexual Wellness, Telehealth and Fundraising as a Solo Founder (Femtech Insider)

Simple Health’s Carrie SiuButt about the Recent SCOTUS Ruling: “Decisions about birth control and reproductive options are best left to a patient and their doctor.” (Femtech Insider)

Orgasm for Science: Lioness Launches a New Sex Research Platform (Femtech Insider)

OCON: “We wanted to ensure the next generation IUD is designed with the women’s body and well-being in mind.” (Femtech Insider)

Women’s Health Suffers During COVID-19, Startups Pivot to Help (Medium, SteelSky Ventures)

“One Day Femtech Will Be Redundant”: The Founders Normalising Women’s Health (Tech London)

Why We Still Don’t Know Enough about COVID-19 & Pregnancy (NY Times)

Calling All VCs: Women in Life Sciences Need You (Medium, Digital DX Ventures)

The Fifth Wave CEO: An Interview with Jenna Ryan, CEO of Femtech Startup Uqora (Lead Awake)

Tech Giants Are Well-Positioned to Close Racial Gaps in Healthcare. They Have Little to Show for It (STAT)

The Badass 50: 50 Women in Healthcare Who Are Saving the Day (InStyle)

Medical Student Creates ‘Mind the Gap’, a Handbook of Clinical Signs on Brown and Black Skin (Medscape)

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