Last week we spoke about Lioness and the recent launch of their new sex research platform in our newsletter and unsurprisingly there’s been quite a bit of interest in our community. Sexual wellness is an integral part of overall wellbeing for everyone and we always love to see sextech startups step up to address the unique needs of women in this space. Lioness’ new platform does just that by enabling research the will hopefully contribute to closing the “pleasure gap”. The new platform is live – reason enough for us to check in with Lioness founder and CEO Liz Klinger and to take a closer look at the platform and the startup’s plans.

Previously, one of the most cutting edge studies on physiological sexual function was conducted back in 1980s with no more than 11 participants in a lab. And more recent followups have all used similarly small sample sizes.

Lioness has been able to analyze more than 50,000 fully anonymized orgasms from thousands of users around the world since launching our first product in late 2017. These are sessions from real-world scenarios — not in sterile labs, but in bedrooms and anywhere where someone wants to experiment. This opens up a lot of possibilities for new research and exploration in understanding sexual response in a lot of different people and in a lot of different scenarios.

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“There’s so much potential for what we can learn from our pleasure — answers to so many unanswered questions, including and questions we don’t even know we have yet. Our team is excited to use our technology to connect researchers and interested users to accelerate our collective understanding of sex, pleasure, and health,” say Liz Klinger.

“I’m very excited and SO proud of our team for launching this Lioness Sex Research Platform. For years we’ve been figuring out the best way to launch this, and I think what we’ve set up is a great way for those who are interested to take part. For some entities like CB Insights and Samsung, sexual wellness has been considered ‘not at all related’ to Femtech and not topic worthy of research, investment, and support. I — and millions of other people — strongly disagree with these sentiments. Understanding sexual wellness is important, and in fact, may be the key to some of our biggest health challenges today.”

Want to learn more about Lioness’ new research platform? Head on over or watch the video below to hear Liz Klinger’s introduction.

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