Can femtech help the NHS? In our brand new Femtech TV series no other than DigitalHealth.London’s Jenny Thomas sits down with experts from across the NHS and UK digital health ecosystem to explore just that! Tune in and and if you like check out the other episodes in this series on Femtech TV!

In this episode, Jenny Thomas speaks with Mridula Pore, Peppy‘s Co-founder & CEO about how DigitalHealth.London SME Peppy Health have been working with the NHS & corporate clients and about the benefits they have brought to families especially new parents.

“All of us will have episodes in our lives, where our health is vulnerable. We may not consider ourselves ill enough to go to a medical doctor but we do need a lot of support” In my interview with Mridula Pore, co-founder and CEO of Peppy Health, we speak about how they are helping people through these important life transitions.  Peppy connect people to expert practitioners supporting with 121 calls, group forums, webinars and other content. 

Mridula describes how Peppy Health got funding from a UK cross government initiative (Techforce 19) to support vulnerable communities (first time parents) during lockdown. The stats from this initiative are super impressive but they’re also a real indication of the unmet demand out there for this type of support and how it could be a powerful population health risk stratification tool.  Within days of launching their techforce 19 offer, Peppy Health had received over 10,000 applications from NHS patients.  Priority was given to those that needed it most with 60% coming from lower income households and 30% BAME. Listen in to hear about their results and what they have planned next as a recipient of the second phase of Techforce 19 funding! 

Mridula is the daughter of two NHS doctors and her career experience spans stints at McKinsey, Novartis and Medopad (now Huma). She talks to me about her thoughts on the thriving London and UK femtech scene and her gratefulness for Femtech Insider for creating a channel for news and a platform for a collective voice.  She also gave some great tips to femtech entrepreneurs earlier on in their journey and to anyone looking to get into femtech (Peppy health are hiring!).  Look out for what they’re doing next in fertility and their ever-growing list of corporate clients (one of the latest is Wickes hardware store, which I found fascinating!).  I know I’m a bit biased as Peppy are in our 5th accelerator cohort at DigitalHealth.London but I have every confidence they will go from strength to strength. 2021 will be another busy year!

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