Five companies—Paloma Health, Neura Health, LEVY Health, Seven Starling, and Origin—have recently joined forces to establish The Wonder Woman Collective. This strategic collaboration aims to address critical gaps in women’s healthcare, focusing on improving healthcare outcomes, promoting health equity, reducing costs, and enhancing women’s productivity.

The impact of conditions such as migraine, hypothyroidism, polycystic ovarian symptoms (PCOS), infertility, menopause, pelvic floor dysfunction, and mental health disorders on women’s quality of life cannot be overstated. According to a recent McKinsey report on women’s health, the gender health gap in the United States results in a substantial economic burden of $1 trillion annually, with nearly half attributed to conditions affecting women disproportionately.

“Addressing the Women’s Health Gap is not just an option but a critical necessity. Our success in closing this gap hinges on our collective commitment to collaboration, recognizing that only through united efforts can we achieve meaningful and lasting change in women’s health,” said Guillaume Cohen-Skalli, Co-Founder and CEO of Paloma Health .

The Wonder Woman Collective seeks to deliver comprehensive, streamlined, and specialized care by driving early diagnosis and integrating treatments for these conditions. Key aspects of the partnership include clinical decision support, electronic health record integration, joint commercial initiatives, and research and development opportunities in women’s health.

Clinical outcomes reported from the participating companies have been remarkable. Neura Health reported a 45% increase in symptom relief and a 73% decrease in ER and urgent care visits. Paloma Health observed an 8% decrease in body weight within the first year and a 92% improvement in patient quality of life after 3 months. LEVY Health successfully identified a previously unknown underlying cause of infertility in 94% of their users, with lifestyle changes recommended prior to IVF, coupled with a 50% reduction in time to diagnosis. Seven Starling’s specialized clinical model enabled 94% of patients to experience a clinically significant improvement in their depressive symptoms. Origin reported an 87% improvement in pelvic floor symptoms and a 90% improvement in urinary incontinence symptoms.

With a shared commitment to innovation and excellence, The Wonder Woman Collective now invites other companies to join and redefine the standard of care in women’s health.

“With this initiative, we forge a new path in healthcare – one where comprehensive care, innovation, and patient-centricity are not just ideals, but realities. This is where the future of women’s health begins.” said Elizabeth Burstein, Co-Founder and CEO of Neura Health. Tina Keshani, Founder and CEO of Seven Starling adds “Women deserve specialized and tailored healthcare solutions to address their unique needs — and no one company can do it all.”

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