Women’s wellness CBD brand Winged is expanding its offerings with a new line of adaptogen-based products designed for important moments throughout a woman’s day. The five ingestibles, which can be stacked or taken independently, were created to help women wake up refreshed, have energy all day long and overcome the stress of today’s crazy world.

Winged first launched in 2019 with a line of exclusively CBD-based products, but it was always meant to provide women with a wider array of plant-powered choices. This product launch brings the company closer to its intended focus on overall women’s health and wellness.

“We formulated these products specifically to help women to deal with issues intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Winged Co-Founder Jess Mulligan. “They have helped me overcome everything from difficulty sleeping to everyday stressors. I’m thrilled to share this relief with other women and hear about how it impacts each of their lives.”

All Winged products are available for purchase now at WingedWellness.com and at select retailers throughout the U.S., including Pharmaca, Sprouts, Thrive Market, Wegmans, The Vitamin Shoppe and Amazon. They will also be sold at Whole Foods Market locations worldwide beginning in September.

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