It’s been a few months since I decided to get an Oura Ring and honestly. I don’t look back. It’s been an incredibly helpful tool when it comes to better understanding my body and habits and what impact they have on my sleep, but most importantly my health and wellbeing. 

So if you’re thinking about getting an Oura Ring, read on. I’ll share all the information you need as well as my personal experience and a review of the wearable, so you can make the decision whether or not the OUra Ring is suitable for you!

Ready to have all your questions about the Oura Ring answered? Great! Let’s start!

What Is An Oura Ring?

If you’re new to the world of health tracking and wearables, you may be wondering: What even is an Oura Ring? Essentially the Oura Ring is a sleep and activity tracker that continuously measures the physiological signals of your body, analyzes them and helps you optimize your lifestyle for maximum wellness. 

Oura was founded in Finland a few years ago with the goal to help its users improve the way they live their lives and it has firmly stuck to that vision since.

The original Oura Ring is made from titanium, which means it is durable and well wearable. It is also waterproof (water resistant up to 100m) and lighter than a conventional ring, which makes it more convenient than many other wearables and tracking devices out there.

What does the Oura Ring Track

At the core of the Oura Ring is its 24/7 heart rate monitoring. This can teach users how their bodies respond to their lifestyle. Tracking heart rate during workouts can provide valuable insights on how the body responds during and also after exercise, and how physical activity impacts the sleep. Besides activity, Oura Ring also tracks restorative time, by detecting both lower heart rate and changes in body temperature. Just like activity is important, so is rest and the Oura Ring wants to make sure users pay attention to and incorporate both on a daily basis.

Another important measurement is temperature. The ring is equipped with 7 research-grade temperature sensor. After wearing it for a few weeks Oura Ring will determine your unique “normal” temperature and pick up on changes. This is especially relevant for women, as the Oura Ring can now be used in connection with Natural Cycles for fertility tracking using the basal temperature method. Oura will also inform its menstruating users a couple of days before the start of the next period, which can be handy in order to prepare and have period care products on hand when needed.

Following a recent update the Oura Ring now also measures blood oxygen levels while sleeping. By monitoring this biomarker, it can detect signs of illness, altitude or potential breathing issues, which makes it a great preventative health tool.

What is great about the Oura Ring is its automatic, ongoing detection. Without you actively having to do anything, the ring will collect data, the algorithm will get smarter and you will continue to get better insights that help you make more informed choices, which are in line with your health and wellness goals. Besides the tracking of biomarkers, it also automatically detects rest and naps, as well as activity without you having to do a thing.

Worth noting is also that there is more to Oura Ring than just the ring, and tracking app. The mobile app, besides its tracking functionality also offers heaps of content. All of it is of course evidence based and educational. What’s special though is that it is personalized and help you build healthy habits bit by bit. Guided medicatation sessions for sleep and rest, but also for other cases like focus and creativity, help you prepare your mind for whatever you are trying to achieve.

Some users have reportedly replaced both period tracking and meditation apps and are only using the content and functionality in the Oura app.

How Accurate Is the Oura Ring?

In early 2022 a team of researchers published the results of an accuracy assessment of the Oura Ring. Their conclusion was that the Oura ring could accurately measure nocturnal heart rate. It also measured the RMSSD (root mean square of successive differences between normal heartbeats) accurately and produced acceptable results when it comes to nocturnal AVNN, pNN50, HF, and SDNN accuracy.

Oura Ring itself also conducted an assessment and found that The Oura ring performed near-perfect for resting heart rate (r² = 0.996) and extremely high for heart rate variability (r² = 0.980) when compared to a medical-grade ECG device.

So if you’re wondering how accurate the Oura Ring actually is, you will be happy to hear that the Oura Ring is accurate enough for most users and use cases.

Price: How much is an Oura Ring? Does the Oura Ring Have a Monthly Fee?

The Oura Ring (Generation 3) currently sells for €314 EUR. (ca. 300$). And yes, for those purchasing a new Oura Ring there is indeed a monthly fee. The so-called Oura Membership costs €5.99/month ($5.99/month). Membership is free for the first 6 months, so you can test your ring and see if membership is for you. 

When you place an order for a new Oura Ring, you will need to know which size ring to get. If you don’t know your size, which most users don’t, Oura will send you a so-called Oura Ring Sizing Kit. This kit will arrive around 2-7 days after you place an order. The Oura Ring Sizing Kit is essentially a small box with X plastic rings, which you can wear to see which size is right for you. It is recommended you wear the Oura Ring for a day or so and over night to make sure the ring is comfortable.

Oura Ring Size: Which Finger Is Best and How Tight Should It Be? (Sizing)

One of the most common questions for new Oura Ring uses is “Which Finger is best and how tight should it be?” Oura’s recommendation is for the ring to be worn on the index finger for optimal performance. If this is for some reason uncomfortable for you, the middle or ring finger are good alternatives as well.

Some wonder whether or not the Oura Ring can be worn on the pinky finger or thumb. We would advise against this as it doesn’t lead to optimal results. And in the end, the whole point is to have accurate data about your health.

Fortunately you have the option to request a sizing kit before getting the actual Oura Ring. Especially if this is your first ring, we strongly recommend not skipping this step. The sizing kit allows you to try different ring sizes on different fingers over an extended period of time (ideally over night). That way you can be sure, that when the ring arrives, you will have picked the right size and can wear it on whatever finder is most comfortable for you.

Oura Ring: Which finger is best and how tight should it be?

How Do You Charge the Oura Ring?

And since we’re already talking about commonly asked questions: Another common question that comes up for new Oura users is regarding charging. Many wonder how do you charge the Oura Ring? 

The Oura Ring comes with its own little charging pod and charges rather quickly. Fully charged you can use it continuously for 4-7 days. You will also get a warning is the ring is about to fun out of battery to make sure you capture all data and your Oura Ring doesn’t suddenly run out of battery over night. This is handy especially for those who often forget to charge their devices in time.

Oura Ring Airplane Mode

If you are looking to save battery or are travelling by plane, you can turn on Oura Ring Airplane Mode, which can be easily found in the Oura app. This is a handy feature, but please be aware after the ring has collected data for a while in airplane mode, it might take a little bit longer to synchronize afterwards, so you will need some patience.

Where to Buy an Oura Ring

So You Wanna Buy an Oura Ring… Great! The Oura Ring is currently available on the company’s website. If comes in four different colors: Silver, Black, Stealth, and Gold.

Oura recently also teamed up with Gucci to create a ring designed by a luxury brand. While the functionality is the same, the ring that was created as part of the collaboration has the signature “Gucci Look”. The Gucci x Oura Ring is more expensive than the regular models available on the Oura website. 

Oura Ring on Amazon

The Oura Ring is a DTC (direct-to-consumer) product that is sold directly and exclusively by Oura. The Oura Ring is currently not available on Amazon. I wouldn’t be surprised though if this changes soon and more retail locations and online retailers including Amazon start to carry it.

My Oura Ring Review: Is the Oura Ring 3 Worth It

Overall I think the Oura Ring is definitely worth it if you are looking to learn more about your body and how your daily habits affect your well-being. I’ve been wearing it for a few months now and can tell a difference in my energy levels. It also really helped me understand how important sleep is and what I can do to improve my sleep quality every night.

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