Initially the Oura Ring promised better sleep, but its collaboration with Natural Cycles delivered something I hadn’t envisioned: a smart, straightforward way to manage my reproductive health. Starting in August 2022, I began using an Oura Ring alongside Natural Cycles initially for contraception. This partnership has transformed my approach to fertility and contraception, evolving from a background concern into an integrated part of my daily health routine. The journey didn’t stop there; as my needs and life phases changed, so did the role of Oura and Natural Cycles, seamlessly transitioning to support conception when the time came.

This shift from conventional methods of hormonal contraceptives to a tech-based, data-driven approach was enlightening. What stands out about Oura and Natural Cycles working together is not just their technological innovation. It’s how they’ve made fertility tracking manageable and straightforward. This isn’t about overwhelming data; it’s about clear, actionable insights that fit effortlessly into my lifestyle.

As we delve deeper into how these two technologies complement each other, it becomes clear that their partnership is more than a matter of convenience. It marks a significant advancement in reproductive health management, offering tools that empower individuals with the knowledge and control to navigate their fertility journey, whether the goal is contraception or conception, in a direct, accessible manner.

Understanding Oura Ring and Natural Cycles

In an era where the intersection of technology and personal health management is increasingly becoming the norm, innovative solutions like the Oura Ring and Natural Cycles app are revolutionizing how we approach birth control and fertility. As wearable technology becomes more sophisticated, it offers unprecedented opportunities to gain deeper insights into our health, including our reproductive systems. This review delves into the 2024 integration of Oura Ring, a leading wellness wearable, with Natural Cycles, the first FDA-cleared fertility tracking app, to explore how this combination is pioneering a new era of natural birth control and fertility management.

The Oura Ring, initially acclaimed for its sleep tracking and wellness monitoring capabilities, has expanded its utility to encompass fertility and menstrual cycle tracking through its partnership with Natural Cycles. This collaboration signifies a remarkable step forward in empowering individuals with actionable insights into their reproductive health without the need for invasive procedures or hormonal interventions.

Natural Cycles, on the other hand, has established itself as a trusted digital contraception tool that uses basal body temperature and period tracking to predict fertile windows accurately. Together, Oura and Natural Cycles offer a seamless, natural method for managing both contraception and conception, providing users with a deeper understanding of their bodies through advanced algorithm-driven insights.

Integration Features for Birth Control and Fertility

The synergy between Oura Ring’s precise biometric tracking and Natural Cycles’ sophisticated algorithm offers users a comprehensive view of their menstrual cycle and fertility status. The Oura Ring measures slight variations in body temperature overnight, data that is then synchronized with the Natural Cycles app to predict fertile days with remarkable accuracy. This integration not only simplifies the process of fertility tracking but also enhances the reliability of Natural Cycles as a method of contraception and a tool for planning pregnancy.

Features specific to fertility and birth control include:

  • Automated Basal Body Temperature Recording: Eliminating the need for daily manual temperature taking, enhancing ease of use and data accuracy.
  • Cycle Prediction: Advanced algorithms predict menstrual cycles and identify ovulation days, delineating fertile and non-fertile windows.
  • Personalized Insights: Integration provides tailored health insights, including how lifestyle factors like sleep and physical activity impact menstrual health.

Setting Up for Success

Setting up the Oura Ring and Natural Cycles involves a straightforward process of pairing the Oura Ring with its app, then syncing this data with the Natural Cycles app. The accuracy of fertility predictions hinges on the consistent wearing of the Oura Ring during sleep and regular input of menstrual cycle data into the Natural Cycles app. Best practices include:

  • Ensuring the Oura Ring is correctly sized for accurate temperature measurement.
  • Regularly updating both apps to benefit from the latest features and improvements in algorithm accuracy.

User Experience

Users of Oura Ring and Natural Cycles in 2024 report a highly positive experience, citing the convenience of automatic temperature tracking and the comprehensive insights into their fertility and overall health. The integration not only simplifies daily routines but also educates users on the nuances of their menstrual cycle and fertility patterns, fostering a sense of empowerment and well-being.

However, adapting to the technology and interpreting the data may require an initial learning period. User testimonials suggest that the benefits of personalized fertility management far outweigh the minimal effort needed to familiarize oneself with the apps’ functionalities.

Accuracy and Reliability

The integration of Oura Ring with Natural Cycles represents a significant advancement in the accuracy of fertility tracking technologies. Oura’s precision in measuring basal body temperature—a critical indicator of ovulation—combined with Natural Cycles’ sophisticated algorithm, offers users a reliable method for identifying fertile windows and menstruation cycles. Studies and user data from 2024 indicate that this combined approach maintains the high effectiveness rates attributed to Natural Cycles alone, with a 93% effectiveness rate with typical use and up to 98% with perfect use. The reassurance provided by these statistics, backed by continuous research and FDA clearance, solidifies the confidence users can have in this method for natural birth control and fertility planning.

Pros and Cons


  • Non-Invasive and Hormone-Free: Offers a natural alternative to hormonal contraceptives and invasive devices, appealing to users seeking minimal intervention.
  • Comprehensive Health Insights: Beyond fertility, the Oura Ring tracks sleep, activity, and overall wellness, offering a holistic view of health that can inform fertility.
  • User-Friendly: Automated temperature tracking and intuitive app interfaces simplify the daily routine of fertility management.


  • Cost: The upfront cost of the Oura Ring, along with the subscription fees for Natural Cycles, can be prohibitive for some users.
  • Consistency Required: Effective use requires consistent wearing of the Oura Ring and diligent data entry into the Natural Cycles app.
  • Learning Curve: Some users may need time to understand how to interpret and act on the fertility insights provided.

Real-World Feedback: Birth Control and Fertility Success Stories

Numerous users have shared their success stories, highlighting the positive impact of Oura Ring and Natural Cycles on their birth control and fertility journeys. Many report a newfound sense of empowerment and connection to their bodies, appreciating the detailed insights and the ease of tracking their fertility naturally. While success stories abound, it’s important to acknowledge the spectrum of experiences, with some users noting challenges in adapting to the technology or in cases where their fertility patterns do not align neatly with predictive models.

How It Stands: Comparison with Traditional and Alternative Methods

Compared to traditional birth control methods like oral contraceptives or IUDs, Oura Ring and Natural Cycles offer a non-invasive, hormone-free alternative that appeals to health-conscious users. When stacked against other fertility tracking apps and wearables, the integration of Oura Ring’s precise temperature tracking with Natural Cycles’ algorithm stands out for its accuracy and ease of use. However, the cost and the need for consistent engagement with the technology are considerations that potential users must weigh.

Investment and Value in 2024

The combined cost of the Oura Ring and a Natural Cycles subscription may initially seem high, but when considered in the context of long-term use, the value becomes evident. For users dedicated to natural birth control or those planning for pregnancy, the investment in a hormone-free, personalized fertility tracking solution can be highly cost-effective when compared to other methods. Additionally, the benefits of gaining comprehensive wellness insights make the Oura Ring a multifaceted health tool beyond fertility alone.

Cost Consideration:

Considering these costs, the combined annual expense for new users is approximately $405 in the first year, which breaks down to around $34 per month. Over time, as initial hardware costs are amortized, the monthly expense decreases.

Conclusion: Your Guide to Tech-Enabled Birth Control and Fertility in 2024

The integration of Oura Ring with Natural Cycles marks a significant leap forward in natural birth control and fertility planning. By leveraging advanced technology to offer precise, user-friendly fertility tracking, this partnership caters to a growing demand for personalized and non-invasive health management tools. While the cost and the commitment required may not suit everyone, the benefits of this innovative approach—ranging from hormone-free contraception to detailed wellness insights—offer compelling reasons for many to consider making the switch.

As we move further into 2024, the continued evolution of such technologies promises even greater accuracy, convenience, and integration with our daily lives, making natural fertility management an accessible and appealing choice for an ever-widening user base.

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  • How does the Oura Ring measure my temperature accurately? The Oura Ring uses advanced sensors to measure the temperature of your finger throughout the night, providing a precise reading of your basal body temperature, which is critical for fertility tracking.
  • Can I use Oura Ring and Natural Cycles for both birth control and planning pregnancy? Yes, the system is designed to cater to both needs, offering ‘red’ and ‘green’ days to indicate fertility windows for those avoiding pregnancy, and identifying peak fertility times for those trying to conceive.
  • How does the Oura Ring ensure accurate temperature readings for fertility tracking? Oura Ring’s advanced sensors meticulously measure your finger’s temperature throughout the night to provide a precise reading of basal body temperature, crucial for accurately tracking fertility.
  • Can the Oura Ring and Natural Cycles system be used for contraception and conception planning? Absolutely. The integration is designed to support both objectives by indicating ‘red’ (fertile) and ‘green’ (not fertile) days for those avoiding pregnancy, and pinpointing optimal fertility windows for those attempting to conceive.
  • What if I forget to wear the Oura Ring? While skipping a night occasionally won’t drastically affect overall accuracy, consistent use is essential for obtaining the most reliable fertility insights. Users are encouraged to integrate wearing the Oura Ring into their nightly routine to ensure continuous data collection.

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