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“We’ve not only proven that this model works, but that it’s what patients from all backgrounds, birth preferences, and income levels are looking for. Whether you can afford concierge care or are on Medicaid, we are building a modern and compassionate pregnancy care model that delivers better outcomes than the system has proven to do.. We deserve better and yes, you can have it all.” Elaine Purcell, COO & Co-founder of Oula Health


Oula secures $28M in Series B funding for U.S. wide expansion of modern maternity care services.

Elektra Health adds $3.3M in seed funding to grow its platform for evidence-based menopause care.

Coroflo prepares for breastfeeding monitor launch with €2.8M raise.

Samphire Neuroscience raises $2.3M in pre-seed funding for novel neurotechnology wearable targeting PMS and mensttural pain.

UK-based Juniper raises £1.5M to launch novel reproductive health insurance.

FHI 360 initiates Phase I clinical trial for novel biodegradable contraceptive implant.

Badger Notes: Hull University Teaching Hospitals launch digital maternity records app.

Singapore-based women’s health platform Ease Healthcarelaunches metabolic health and weight loss offering.

Innovate UK grants £800K to interdisciplinary breast cancer therapy project AI-VISION.

Mira introduces the first Sex Hormones Awareness Week to close the knowledge gap about female hormones.

UK Hospital initiates world-first non-hormonal endometriosis drug trial.

Beta Boom‘s new $14.5M fund targets underserved populations.

Jill Biden announces $100M for research and development into women’s health.

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Who’s Hiring?

Origin is looking for a Project Manager.

Daye is hiring a Pelvic Pain Specialist.

Progyny is looking for a Senior Associate, Sales Enablement.

Tia is hiring an Acupuncturist.

Hims & Hers is hiring a VP Product Management, Platform.

Everly Health is looking for a Prinicipal Product Manager.

Women’s Care is hiring an In-Virtro Fertilization Coordinator – Medical Assistant.

Planned Parenthood is looking for a Nurse Practitioner of Certified Nurse Midwife

HerMD is hiring a Gynecologist / OBGyn.

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