Ease Co-founders Guadalupe Lazaro & Rio Hoe. Image: Ease Healthcare

Elevate, the latest digital health platform launched by Ease Healthcare, a leading women’s health ecosystem in Asia, aims to address metabolic health and weight management issues specifically tailored for women. The platform integrates various elements including modern medical practices, expert guidance, community support, and digital tools to provide women with effective solutions for sustainable weight loss and improved metabolic health.

“Elevate is more than just a platform; it’s a transformative journey towards better health,” said Guadalupe Lazaro, Co-Founder of Ease Healthcare, “We recognize the challenges individuals face in achieving their weight loss goals and improving their metabolic health. Having established a strong playbook for digital health services, we’re excited to announce the launch of our second brand, Elevate, focusing on metabolic health and weight management. With Elevate, we aim to provide comprehensive, science-backed solutions that not only help users lose weight, but address these concerns, and help them take control of their health.”

Elevate operates through a structured three-step process, beginning with participants completing a detailed medical questionnaire outlining their health status and weight management objectives. Utilizing Body Mass Index (BMI) data, individuals are then directed to tailored programs curated specifically for women. Following program selection, participants engage in teleconsultations with healthcare professionals and undergo necessary assessments, such as blood tests, to determine suitable treatment plans. Upon confirmation, participants receive prescribed medications or devices to commence their treatment journey, with continuous support provided by personal care navigators throughout.

The platform offers three clinically proven programs uniquely designed to address the metabolic health concerns of women:

  • The Elevate GLP Program utilizes GLP-1 medications such as Saxenda and Wegovy, supplemented by medical guidance, to assist in weight management for women dealing with Type 2 Diabetes or Obesity.
  • The Elevate Pill Program provides prescription-based appetite suppressants in pill form, complemented by medical oversight.
  • The Elevate CGM Program combines Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) technology with personalized health coaching to provide insights into the body’s responses to various lifestyle factors, aiming for sustainable weight loss.

Additionally, Elevate offers supplementary services including nutritional coaching, metabolic assessments, meal replacements, and nutritional supplements, tailored to address women’s health concerns.

“At Elevate, we are committed to empowering individuals to take charge of their metabolic health journey,” said Rio Hoe, Co-Founder of Ease Healthcare. “Our holistic approach to well-being, reflected in our comprehensive programs, expert guidance, and digital tools, is strategically crafted to deliver sustainable results and transform lives.”

Currently, Elevate’s services are exclusively available in Singapore.

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