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“It’s clear that menopausal symptoms can disrupt women’s lives. With too few practitioners trained in managing menopause, women are underdiagnosed, undertreated, and underserved. Midi provides an insurance-covered solution that focuses on women’s unique needs, closing a major gap in health access, quality, and equity.” Joanna Strober, CEO & Founder of Midi Health. Image: Midi Health


Midi Health secures $25M in Series A funding to advance women’s midlife care.

Evvy raises $14M in Series A funding to grow and evolve its vaginal healthcare platform.

Notify Therapeutics secures €5M for the development of a non-hormonal fertility treatment.

Former Tinder CEO Renate Nybord launches relationship mentoring app Meeno; announces after raising $3.9M seed round.

New report by Carrot sheds light on Menopause’s impact on women’s careers.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas awards $1.2M grant to March of Dimes for a Mom & Baby Mobile Health Center in Texas.

InsideTracker unveils new DNA insights focused on menopausal age, bone density, and more.

Venture capital firm age1 raises $35M to advance longevity-focused biotech.

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