“As someone who grew up in America and now lives in the UK, I’m intensely sensitive to what appears to be a slow erosion or roll back of reproductive health rights (or even simply access to via public healthcare due to strains on the NHS and providers)—and I’m desperately keen to play a part in ensuring that as many people as possible have access to education and information so they may make the best choices for themselves.” Eileen Burbidge, Direcrtor at Fertifa

This Week’s Highlights

UK-based fertility benefits startup Fertifa adds £5M in seed funding;

Alfie Health launches its AI-based ObesityRx platform after raising $2.1M.

Kindred raises $1M in seed funding to scale its hybrid women’s healthcare model in the Philippines.

Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company Teams Up with Male Fertility Company Posterity Health.

FDA approves Thermo Fisher‘s Immunoassays for Risk Assessment of Preeclampsia.

Infant formula company Bobbie and breast pump maker Elvie launch new retail experience to normalize combo feeding.

INVO Bioscience‘s INVOcell device receives FDA approval for 5-day incubation in fertility treatment.

Kindbody adds in-house genetic testing with the launch of Kindlabs.

Flo Health‘s ‘Anonymous Mode’ Feature is now open-source for industry-wide privacy protection.

Femtech Investment Round-up – June 23.

In the Know

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