As obesity affects approximately 42 percent of Americans, Alfie Health, a virtual clinic, offers a novel approach to tackle this health crisis. The clinic has secured $2.1 million in funding from Y Combinator, Nina Capital, Goodwater Capital, Phoenix Investment Club, among others.

Alfie Health‘s ObesityRx platform uses AI to create metabolic profiles of patients, aiming to understand the underlying causes of weight gain. By doing this, the system can recommend personalized treatment plans and behavioral changes. Initial results show that a cohort of 300 patients using this approach lost an average of 10-15% of their body weight over a nine-month period.

Alexander Singh, co-founder and CEO, Alfie Health shares: “The results of our internal study are promising. Our patients have been struggling with obesity for years, or decades in some cases, and frequently suffer from other related health problems. ObesityRx technology provides a unique, data-driven approach that optimizes treatment strategies, streamlining costs associated with obesity and ensuring we strike the perfect balance in prescribing medications. It helps our clinicians determine the root cause of a patient’s obesity and utilize the most effective method from the get-go, which in many cases, may not include one of the GLP-1 medications.”

The platform also provides telehealth support, with patients meeting virtually with health coaches every two weeks. Alfie Health is currently covered by major health insurance providers in select states and is in partnership with a large cardiology group and an enterprise client.

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