Kindred Co-founders Abetina Valenzuela and Jessica de Mesa. Image: Kindred

Femtech startup Kindred, founded by Jessica de Mesa and medtech entrepreneur Abetina Valenzuela has launched the first hybrid women’s health care solution including an in-person clinic in BGC in the Philippines. By merging technology and traditional medical services, the startup addresses key challenges in women’s healthcare in the Philippines, granting patients seamless access to doctors, healthcare services, and more.

To accelerate growth the startup has now secured $1M in seed funding from KSR Ventures, Tenco Capital Holdings, Pawikan Capital Group, Pulse63 Healthcare Ventures, and Kaya Foundersround, elevating the company’s valuation to $6 million within just one year since its establishment.

“Our mission at Kindred is to revolutionize healthcare accessibility tailored to the specific needs of women. We firmly believe that our omnichannel approach will pave the way for a new era in women’s healthcare,” stated Jessica de Mesa, the CEO and co-founder of Kindred. “Our objective is to reshape the healthcare landscape for women by empowering patients, connecting them with specialized professionals, and providing personalized care plans that foster a compassionate and efficient system.”

Kindred Clinic in BGC. Image: Kindred

Following the successful launch of Kindred’s physical clinic in BGC late last year, the femtech company celebrates its first anniversary by introducing the Kindred App. The application allows patients to directly connect with healthcare professionals in the Philippines without the reliance on third-party platforms. Through real-time chat conversations, patients can consult with their doctors and access specialists who cater to their unique healthcare needs. The Kindred App also streamlines the healthcare process by eliminating long waiting times, centralizing medical records, and facilitating appointment scheduling.

During the first-year anniversary event, De Mesa revealed Kindred’s plans to establish its second physical clinic in Quezon City, with additional satellite clinics set to emerge across Metro Manila. Since the inauguration of the BGC clinic, Kindred has treated over 8,000 patients and established collaborations with 20 corporate partners through Kindred Employer Solutions, according to the company.

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