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“There is a large, fragmented universe of independent brands that serve women in specific areas of need but no scaled platform that provides branded solutions across the spectrum of women’s health. By putting women first, we deliver on our promise of making women’s lives easier, healthier, and more fulfilling.” Intrinsic Co-founder & CEO Yadin Shemmer


Intrinsic adds $15M to build a next-gen women’s health platform business.

Female-led virtual neurology clinic Neura Health adds $8M in seed funding.

Fertility app Premom shared users’ health data without consent, FTC says.

Fertility companies AIVF and Genea Biomedx partner to improve IVF success rates and care.

Bumble acquires popular Gen Z dating app Fruitz.

Parsley Health launches comprehensive women’s health program for employers.

FemTec Health shuts down.

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