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“Nanopath’s mission is deeply rooted in improving women’s health and even more broadly, health equity for all. We envision Nanopath’s technology as the go-to platform for routine women’s health screening, allowing for clinically actionable diagnosis within a single office visit.” Amogha Tadimety, Ph.D., Co-founder and CEO of Nanopath. Image: Nanopath


Nanopath raises $10M in Series A funding to develop and commercialize point-of-care diagnostics for women’s health.

GoStork launches the first customizable fertility clinic marketplace.

Breastfeeding app LatchAid reveals the results of its first trial in collaboration with the NHS.

Fertility benefits provider Progynypublishes the outcomes of an independent validation.

IVF Specimen Management: CCRM Fertility and TMRW Life Sciences expand their partnership.

MOONS challenges the censorship of menstrual blood in media with its new “Our Bodies Are Not Indecent” stunt campaign.

Nikeadds a maternity training program to its app.

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