When it comes to talking about periods, the right words can change the conversation.

Thrive Agency have teamed up with linguists from the University of Nottingham to explore the language used by Gen Z and Millennial women when they talk about menstruation. This was compared to the language used by period product brands in their communications. The results expose stark differences and surprising similarities, highlighting how period shaming still slips through as well as the opportunities for brands to do better.

Thrive’s mission is to inspire women to make positive health choices by talking openly and empathetically with them about their health. They also help brands to do the same. If you’re ready to change the narrative and build stronger connections with your female consumers, get in touch with them to find out more about their work and they we can support your brand.

In their latest white paper “On the Blob: Millenials vs GenZs talk menstrual health” Thrive helps you understand why women:

  • Find many period brand campaigns to be unrealistic, annoying and uninformative
  • Think brands really don’t understand what they go through during their periods
  • Think brands focus too much on physical symptoms and ignore the wider emotional and hormonal impact of periods

From habits and emotions to brand loyalty, menstrual health is a deeply personal and emotive topic. There were significant differences between Millennial and Gen Z women, but both shared:

  • Why period brands focus on the wrong things
  • Which menstrual symptoms don’t get the spotlight they deserve
  • The monthly essentials they can’t live without

And those are just the highlights! Download the full white paper below to see how you can elevate your work in the menstrual health space.

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