A new partnership between AIVF and Genea Biomedx aims to enhance the efficiency and success rates of IVF clinics worldwide. By integrating AIVF’s AI platform with Genea Biomedx’s time-lapse incubator, the partnership offers personalized and optimized IVF care. The solution reduces costs for patients and improves clinic revenues by increasing efficiency and patient access.

AIVF’s suite of solutions connects patients, clinics, and labs, providing transparent insights and data for IVF treatments. The integrated system has been tested and validated, showing improved success rates and birthrates. AIVF’s platform increases pregnancy rates by 48% and provides clinicians with more time to treat patients. The partnership signifies a new generation of data-driven IVF clinics.

“Both female-led companies, AIVF and Genea Biomedx are mission-driven and focused on empowering patients with radical transparency in the IVF lab,” said Marian Garriga, CEO of Genea Biomedx. “By streamlining a complex ecosystem of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology), our innovative collaboration provides patients a window into their personal IVF insights and data.”

“AIVF and Genea Biomedx’s collaboration is the first leap to a new generation of IVF clinics,” commented Daniella Gilboa, CEO of AIVF and noted embryologist. “AIVF’s suite of solutions connects the patient, clinic, and lab. The new AIVF-Genea Biomedx integrated solution will drive the revolution of data-driven IVF clinics providing the patient with more reliable treatment, better access, and superb results.”

The integrated solution has been tested and validated at IVIRMA Valencia by Clinical Embryologist Dr. Marcos Meseguer, one of the most cited researchers globally.

“While IVF has been around for almost 45 years, progress towards optimizing lab processes has not kept pace with rapid innovation in other health sectors,” says Dr. Meseguer, head of new technologies at IVIRMA, the world’s largest fertility clinic network. “By augmenting Geri innovative incubator imaging with advanced AI algorithms, the embryologist can select the most viable embryo, thereby improving the success of a patient’s IVF results and increasing birthrates.”

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