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“Venture capital is such a powerful engine of innovation. And we’re finally harnessing it for women’s health. Given the increasingly regressive policies of government, private sector innovation will be essential to ensure a brighter future for women’s health.” Elizabeth Bailey, Managing Director of RH Capital. (Pictured with Thomya Goode, Stasia Obremskey & Alice Zheng. Image: RH Capital)

This Week’s Highlights

RH Capital raises over $40M to tackle reproductive and maternal health equity in the U.S.

Midi Health raises $14M for its virtual clinic focused on menopause.

Tiny Health raises $4.5M to launch its gut health test tailored to expecting parents and infants.

Joylux adds $5.5M in Series A funding to expand its menopause platform; announces collaboration with Essity.

Gabbi raises $4.4M to bring breast cancer early detection support directly to women.

AIVFacquires IVF Lab Management Software ART Compass.

Ferring launches FertilityWise, a new, on-demand e-learning program for fertility clinic staff.

TMRWlaunches the “world’s most advanced specimen management facility” for frozen eggs and embryos used in IVF.

Unitar and LactAppcollaborate in the promotion of breastfeeding and maternal health.

Femtech Investment Round-up – October 2022

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