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AIVF, a reproductive technology company transforming fertility care, has acquired ART Compass, a leading application for the management of the IVF laboratory. The acquisition of ART Compass expands the AIVF offering and creates considerable traction in the US with an extensive user base.

“This first acquisition adds novel capabilities for the expansion and integration of our FertilityOS in clinics,” commented Daniella Gilboa, AIVF CEO and co-founder. “Strategic industry partnerships like this support our mission to accelerate the digital transformation of fertility care.”

AIVF is a reproductive technology company driving the evolution to AI-powered fertility care. The company’s flagship product, EMA, is an AI software platform that delivers automated and actionable insights to optimize the fertility journey. The company partners with leading global clinics to advance research and innovation in reproductive medicine. AIVF is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel.

“The ART Compass application is a first step toward digitalization of the unstructured, complex, and often ‘on paper’ data in the IVF lab,” Dr. Carol Lynn Curchoe, Founder of ART Compass, comments. “It is a perfect fit to be part of the advanced AI-powered platform that AIVF is bringing to global fertility clinics.”

Dr. Curchoe will take the position of Director of Medical Affairs at AIVF. Integration of ART Compass into the EMA platform for fertility clinics is planned for Q1 2023.

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