CCRM Fertility, a global pioneer in fertility treatment, research and science, announced today it will expand its partnership with TMRW Life Sciences from its initial launch clinic in Colorado to all its in vitro fertilization (IVF) laboratories across North America. By bringing digital tracking, automation and 24/7 remote monitoring to a system that has long relied on manual, in-person work by embryologists, TMRW’s technology will enable CCRM Fertility clinical teams to identify, track and monitor patient specimens with a new level of safety, efficiency and transparency.

“As an early adopter of TMRW’s technology in our Colorado lab, we know firsthand what a difference TMRW’s platform will make to CCRM Fertility clinics and everyone we serve,” said Jason Swain, PhD, HCLD, who oversees the CCRM Fertility network of labs and who has coordinated CCRM research studies with TMRW working toward this adoption of best-in-class technology.

“The platform allows our embryologists to focus on the work that only they can do. TMRW provides peace of mind to our team and unequivocally raises the standard of care for our patients.”

“In a process as deeply personal as fertility treatment, patients increasingly strive for a deep understanding of what’s happening every step of the way; they want to know their eggs and embryos are safe,” said Tara Comonte, CEO of TMRW. “Our growing partnership with CCRM Fertility will provide patients greater visibility, connection and accuracy, and ensure they receive the world-class care they deserve.”

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