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“As someone who has experienced firsthand the judgment that doctors and clinicians pass when it comes to sexual health, it’s our mission to create a safe space for people to seek inclusive, trauma-aware care, as well as treatment and resources on their own terms, regardless of where they live.” Daphne Chen, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of TBD Health. Image: TBD Health

This Week’s Highlights

TBD Health raises $4.4M in seed funding to expand its hybrid sexual healthcare offering in the US.

Teal Health adds $8.8M in seed funding to tackle cervical cancer.

German DTC menopause startup XbyX closes a 7-figure pre-Series A round.

Tia partners with Cedars-Sinai to expand its footprint in Los Angeles.

Evvy unveils its platform for end-to-end vaginal healthcare.

New data suggests Daré Bioscience’s intravaginal ring can help manage vasomotor and vaginal menopause symptoms.

CBT leader Woebot just enrolled the first patient in a trial exploring its product’s efficacy in the treatment of postpartum depression.

Sanguina’s anemia screening app AnemoCheck adds new features following the release of new clinical trial results.

Building & Scaling Digital Health Products!

With Lightmatter‘s Head of Product Stephanie Adams

Product is the top priority for pretty much every startup company, no matter what stage they are at. “Build a product users actually want” is common advice. Implementing it, however, can be challenging (as many of you probably know.)

So what’s the right way to build, launch, and scale digital health products and services? 

For our latest “Ask the Expert” session we were joined by Stephanie Adams, Head of Product at Lightmatter, aUS-based agency thatbrands, designs, and develops software and digital products exclusively for companies in health. 

Over the past two weeks many of YOU submitted product questions for Stephanie. Today we’re excited to share her answers!👇

In the Know

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The TikTok community making people with vaginismus feel less alone (Mashable)

Despite the media buzz, ‘Femtech’ is still struggling to find equality (Dezeen)

Promises – and pitfalls – of ChatGPT-assisted medicine (STAT News)

2 Minutes to Midlife: The Fantastic Unspecified Future of Epigenetic Clocks (Neo.Life)

Who’s Hiring?

Organon is looking for an Associate Director: Privacy.

Hertility is hiring a Product Marketing Lead.

Aunt Flow is looking for a Brand and Marketing Communications Manager.

Evvy is hiring a Strategy & Operations Manager.

Visit the Femtech Insider Job Board to see more roles or to add your own! 

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